petite fille dans une grande ville

hi! it’s my birthday! turning 23 on the 23rd… I think that’s called something.


  1. simply--aesthetic said: Happy Golden!
  2. dursmarnai said: I just said… “Wow she’s really pretty. Great smile. Nice hair. I should say that to her. No wait… Stop thats creepy. Ahh fuck it.”
  3. musingsinfemininity said: happy birthday!
  4. geraldaisy said: Happy Birthday!! I turned 21 on the 21st hehe
  5. christineisms said: Golden birthday! I just had mine too, on the 18th. Happy birthday. :)
  6. a1976fordbronco said: Happy Birthday!
  7. yyoungruffian said: When you turn the age of the date you were born on, it’s called your champagne birthday! So stuck up on some bubbly :3
  8. gaws said: stunning etc
  9. cantaloupeisland said: Happy (almost) birthday! :)
  10. thrivingtwenties said: Happy birthday!!!! Hope you have a nice day fill with love. xoxo
  11. milenachka said: Happy Golden!!! :)
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